A Moment of Creativity…

Perhaps it’s having a couple of weeks away but I feel surrounded by creative energy at the moment! – when it comes to the house it’s kind of forced, but actually I’m enjoying myself…

We had to move office and home a few weeks ago, because the landlord sold the land. It was heart-breaking at the time but I think this new place will be quite something. I’m surrounded by paint colour books and home decor magazines (thanks to a friend), and am well on my way to having the colour selection sorted for the home atleast. Staff are choosing their office colours, I’ve just advised against PINK the current colour… Some interesting choices were made by previous tenants. It’s tough coordinating with the ‘5 different colours’ used to create the kitchen!  But we’ll get there… 🙂

Whilst visiting a friend’s place this afternoon to check out how she’d made her veranda, I saw her children’s playground. A perfect fit for the small area in the Shelter, where we’d like to build a playground for the kids! Perhaps this week the staff can check it out with the carpenters… Hagar USA are currently fundraising to help pay for it, and it feels so much closer to becoming a reality.

I was at the Shelter this morning, drinking green tea and having lunch with the women and children. It was lovely. I haven’t seen them since I got back from the UK and as the office is closed today I took my chance to have some time with them. While I was away, the interior was repainted ready for step 2!  I have a friend who is a children’s artist, painting animals etc. and he’s coming over tomorrow to look at the space and with the kids decide what illustrations will be painted.  They’re now all busily drawing and colouring their favourite animals ready to show him tomorrow. Apparently red roses are a must! One girl asked if she should draw them directly on the wall. I asked her to start on paper first… there’ll be plenty of opportunity to paint on the walls soon enough…  We’ll see tomorrow if that instruction was followed…


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  1. Thank you for sharing another part of your world. What fun! Sending you love this day – for whatever it holds…

  2. Cool blog, I hadn’t come across afghanistanreflections.wordpress.com before during my searches!
    Continue the wonderful work!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I found your blog on the Hagar Int’l website! Thanks for the encouragement! Praying for you!

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