An Afghan moment – A Life Time Memory…

Last night a little baby boy was born… the mother named him Ashmatullah which means ‘Powerful one…nobody’s servant’… Both mother and child are doing very well… The young mother has been through so much and to see her now, beaming over this beautiful new born baby wrapped up in a hand woven blanket, is a beautiful sight…

My goal was to see the baby and congratulate the mother, but before that moment there were many other congratulations to make, because this baby boy now had many aunties ‘Bibi’ and brothers and sisters to dote over him… “Tabrik”…”congratulations”. Everyone was congratulating each other, small children were putting their hand in mine telling me “Tabrik bibi”…

I went down to the basement where the music was playing loudly and saw several of the girls using the exercise bikes – our newly furnished gym. There was a lot to celebrate that morning so as I walked down the stairs it was hard not to move a little to the music, which was met with some excitement from the young girls… Then, unexpectedly, one of them started to dance… and soon enough a dance party broke out in the basement with more girls taking to the dance floor, clapping to the music as one by one they took turns to dance.

The boys stayed upstairs, eating their breakfast…clearly ignoring us (which was a good thing!) Some of the women have not danced since the Taliban took over…

It was such a powerful moment and one which will stay with me forever… I can’t describe it… a perfect moment…


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  1. It brings me great pleasure to hear good stories coming out of war torn and faminised areas of our world… i can only imagine the pleasure this child will bring… thank you for sharing the moment.

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