Hagar Afghanistan Celebrate International Children’s Day…

For three days, children all over Afghanistan were celebrated. Events were organized by different organizations in Kabul, including games, other fun activities and ofcourse ‘snacks’…

Hagar’s children were invited to the Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) for a big party on Saturday afternoon. There was acrobatics, dramas lots of games and a big lunch for all the children to enjoy. Children from the local community and other organizations were invited also so there was a big crowd.  Both Hagar children and the staff attended the event and had lots of fun. Some of the teachers from MMCC will soon come to the Shelter to do art projects, so everyone is looking forward to that.

On Saturday, the Hagar Office invited the women and children to a garden party. When it was mentioned to the boys that there was going to be football they were so excited and told staff they had been praying for this! A colleague took some goal posts from home and as soon as the boys arrived they got straight into a game of football.  The final score was 2:2 There will have to be a rematch at a later date!

The girls and little kids played on the swings and also had a go with the skipping ropes. One little boy handed the skipping rope to the Country Rep and told her “Play”…  So she did 30 jumps with the skipping rope and nearly fainted.  One woman from the Shelter and staff member, also had a go, and surprised us all! I think the new record is 40… A colleague has told us his brother can do 100. We accept this challenge…

It also happened to be the birthday of our day guard, so we had cake and biscuits to celebrate. One of the young girls took us by surprise by singing Happy Birthday in English!

It was a fun day and we will have to do it again some time soon. But with the snow coming later this week, it will probably be a different kind of party!!


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  1. Hi darling, looked through the whole blog again this morning, starting with you leaving Cambodia. Am so proud of you.
    Can you write an update? This last one was from November. Is there snow where you live? (We had loads).
    Will keep praying for you.
    Love you, Mum xxxxx

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